Geospatial Extensions is a full-service GIS consulting company with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable & personalized GIS and development services.

GIS Development

• Custom ArcGIS Desktop Extensions
• Custom ArcGIS Server Object Extensions (SOEs)
• Custom ArcGIS Server Object Interceptors (SOIs)
• Custom ArcGIS Runtime applications
• Custom interface and integration development
• Android, iOS and UWP development

GIS Consulting Services

• Software selection guidance and recommendation
• Geodatabase Design
• Automated geodatabase conversions
• ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise installation and configuration.
• ArcMap / ArcCatalog Customizations

GIS Integration and Interfaces

• Customer Information Systems (CIS)
• Work Management System (WMS)
• Material Management System (MMS)
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
• Outage Management Systems (OMS)
• Interactive Voice Response / Telephony Systems (IVR)
• Electric Engineering Analysis (Milsoft, CYME)
• Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)