GIS-EA Extension

• The GIS-EA Extension exports GIS data to electric engineering analysis and outage analysis software.

• The GIS-EA Extension supports the "ArcGIS® MultiSpeak® Data Model" template provided by ESRI.
• The GIS-EA Extension supports most other geodatabase data models by simply reconfiguring the tables and translations.

• The GIS-EA Extension has tools to correct typical network and connectivity problems like;
1. Devices snapped to the main line instead of the tap
2. Missing or inconsistent phase code
3. Coincident edges
4. Under-built secondary
5. Multi-Parent sections
6. Orphaned junctions
7. Inappropriate sinks and sources
8. Missing bank units

• The GIS-EA Extension supports Milsoft's Windmill® and DisSPatch® products.

• The GIS-EA Extension requires ArcGIS® for Desktop